Fostering a Pet

What is fostering a pet?

Fostering a pet is taking a pet, from a shelter, that is in need of a home to stay in until it can be adopted. The time length of their stay varies from weeks to months. Being a foster owner can save homeless pets. Dogs and cats are the most common pets needing foster homes, but some organizations need help with rabbits, birds, and other animals. 

Why do pets need foster care?

  • Pets may need foster care because a shelter near them is full.
  • They may need extra care or attention in a safe environment.
  • Some animals are frightened in a shelter.
  • Newborns need to be nursed or bottle-fed.
  • Some animals need to recover from an illness or injury before adoption.

The Animal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League (ARL) is looking for families or individuals willing to provide their home as a safe place for animals. For more information, visit their website!

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