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Click here to take our quick quiz that will help you determine which kind of pet you will enjoy the most:

What pet should you adopt?

1. Which of these would you describe yourself as?

A. Independent

B. Loud

C. Quiet 

D. Outgoing

2. Do you like going outside?

A. Not Really

B. Sometimes

C. No

D. Yes!

3. How busy are you?

A. Very

B. Not really

C. Kind of

D. Not at all

4. What grosses you out the most?

A. Hairballs

B. Cleaning up pee

C. Picking up poop

D. Dead rodents

5. Why do you want a pet?

A. To cuddle with

B. To make my house more interesting

C. To keep me company

D. To play with


What Toy Should You Get Your Dog?

1. How old is your dog?

A. 2-6 months

B. 6-12 months 

C. 1-7 years 

D. 7+ years


2. Does your dog like to...

A. Chew

B. Run

C. Do Everything

D. Cuddle


3. How interactive do you want to be with this toy?

A. Not at all

B. Very

C. A little

D. Sometimes, not really though



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